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Princess Te Puea’s perspective

Tama Huata discusses Te Puea’s views on Waikato’s participation in the Second World War and the need to keep the home fires burning.


Te Puea’s thoughts at the time about the war, the World War, the basis of her thinking was that we had once fought against the British soldiers in the Waikato wars. Her wish was for people to remember that grievance. The main thing was retention of land through occupation. Those words were the legacy left to the homeland of the Waikato. Te Puea said we should live together, in order to be the occupiers of our land, to fulfil our hopes and dreams. The home people should be sorted out first – indeed, there was a terrible legacy left behind in Waikato from the fighting of earlier times. That is what she said. To her, this was the correct option for Waikato.