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Who wrote E Pari Rā and why?

Tama Huata explains why Paraire Tomoana wrote E Pari Rā and why it is performed as a waiata poroporoaki.


It was Paraire Tomoana who wrote the song E Pari Rā for his relation Maku-i-te-Rangi Ellison. Her son, Whakatomo Ellison, died in the First World War.

Out of the pain and the heaviness of heart of the kuia, Paraire Tomoana created this song. He gave expression to the feelings Maku had. It was about the departure of soldiers for war. The result was these words of that song, E Pari Rā.

It is about the love of a mother for her son, about grieving and farewells to loved ones.