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About this resource

Two waiata and two haka are the inspiration for this resource – namely, "E te Hokowhitu a Tū", "E Pari Rā", "Ka Eke i te Wiwī" and "Haane". The four compositions have an association with each of the four companies in the 28th(Māori) Battalion. They explore a number of themes associated with social sciences – including customs and traditions, social justice, leadership, bereavement, and spirituality. Although the resource is primarily written for social sciences, there are obvious links with the arts, for example, dance.

The teachers’ notes are designed to be used in conjunction with the Kia Mau video clips, which contain short documentaries on each waiata and haka, looking at how people’s actions have brought about social change in New Zealand history. The clips also feature renditions of the four compositions. For a list of other waiata sung by or written about our Māori soldiers, see Appendix 1.

The notes and the video clips are intended to be used as a springboard for students to look at how past events, and different individuals and communities, have shaped New Zealand identity and culture.

Teaching social studies

There are four social studies units of study at different levels of the curriculum, with suggested activities. Each unit takes a social inquiry approach.

Teaching history

There are three history units of study, at each level of NCEA, with suggested activities. This section contains comprehensive notes and ideas on using Kia Mau to investigate historical issues.